Kimberly over at Five Forks Insurance Center in Simpsonville asked for some custom printed small envelopes.  My experience with custom printed envelopes is that they are usually on the higher side, cost wise, of printed items and anything below a standard size envelope can be difficult.  Since she had already picked out the envelopes she wanted we looked at printing a custom label for the envelopes.  Now, labels can be on the expensive side too, especially the kind that come on a neat little roll and are easy to peel.

The sometimes-not-so-easy-to-peel cut sheet labels, however, can be pretty affordable.  The problem still; the minimum size for cut sheet labels was only an 1/8″ of an inch smaller than the envelope.  A little too close for application in my opinion, because the slightest misalignment will be very obvious to the end user.  The solution:  Break the borders of the envelope and design the label to wrap around one side of the envelope.  Better yet, use part of the label to seal the envelope so there won’t be any glue licking involved.  What is pictured is the end result, a simple label layout with logo, name, phone, and web address.  You may notice the color bars along the edge and an abrupt transition in the middle of the label.  It’s actually a design feature, to be used for alignment purposes when applying the label.  Since it’s right on the border of the label, Kimberly can peel the back off, align the edge of the envelope with both sides of the label, and press.  She can still lick the glue too, but only if she wants to.

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