ACME Logistics Trifold


Had the privilege of designing a tri-fold for ACME Logistics in Greenville, SC.  They are South Carolina’s oldest full service transportation provider and were looking for a printed piece to compliment their sales activities.  The input received to mediaMark was their logo file and a draft of the text they wanted included in the tri-fold, other than that, mediaMark was given some creative flexibility.  We always like working from a vector logo file because it will allow us to extend their brand throughout the marketing piece.  For this tri-fold we used their complete logo on the front panel and then pulled some elements out of the logo to use in other areas.  Specifically, we used the ACME stencil and stamped looking portion to brand a box on the front panel and again on the first inside panel.  The last element we used from the logo was their roadway surface which we pulled out, changed the color, and used on the first inside panel.

Another design element of the trifold that we like to use a lot is to break the borders of the tri-fold.  Yes, there are 6 easily divisible panels on a tri-fold, but breaking the borders of those panels can make the pamphlet interactive.  We used this technique in two areas, on the front panel with the truck in motion and again on the first inside panel.  Both of these areas reinforce to the user that there is more information in the pamphlet and to explore it.  The last thing we added to the piece on behalf of ACME was some stock images, one as it was supplied, and one we removed the background from so we could use it on a colored background with some layering effect.

Here’s the end result, as photographed when they were completed.  Let us know if we can help you with your latest project.





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December 21, 2015